Glasgow Open House Arts is a small, not-for-profit group which celebrates Glasgow’s vibrant, insightful and industrious culture. We do this by inviting it’s residents to present art, music, and performance in their homes, at our biennial Arts Festival!

Anyone who’d like to get involved can apply to present something - emerging and established artists, performers, those working outside of mainstream arts, as well as local organisations and groups operating in Glasgow.

We see the festival as an ideal chance for people at all stages of their artistry to get involved and get some positive feedback on their creative endeavours. We’ve found the format of the festival brings communities together, creating opportunities and situations where participants meet new people, get to know their surrounding area, and connect with some of their neighbours.

We programme and facilitate the festival, whilst most of the events and exhibitions are generously hosted by those that apply. We offer support and guidance to participants, and connect people and organisations.

Our Outreach directly engages groups who might not get involved through our standard application process, and we make an effort to identify elements of the festival where there is room for others to participate and learn.

This year, we’re working with two fantastic organisations based in Glasgow: The Coach House Trust and Project Ability. We will be creating joyful, colourful and characterful “way-finders”, which will be used during the festival weekend to mark the venues which house an exhibition or event.

Glasgow Open House is founded on a collaborative spirit, where altogether we achieve a lot. Throughout our Outreach and our festival programming, we approach other Glasgow-based organisations whose work we admire and respect, to work with them or otherwise learn from them.

During the festival, we run “art walks” where small groups are taken round a trail of exhibitions. You will be able to find more information about these, and book free tickets, closer to the time of the festival.